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Previously branded as Major 5th, and formerly just kids with aspirations of becoming rock stars; they’ve truly mastered this identity in their transformation as a prominent local band in Minnesota, and even hitching a ride to streamline their tunes to the mainstream market by way of their massive summer tour with the alternative clothing store Hot Topic. It’s the evolution of Hmong-American musicians radiating with sheer tenacity and resiliency—never to give up, no matter the cause!

They’ve reinvented their image, as well as grasping to a subtle change to the way they play their tunes. In capitalizing change, they’ve also made a drastic modification in retracting the old name and accepting the new as Venus on Fire. This change became the “X” factor in the revitalization of the group. As I see it: There’s no stopping them now but a one way street to superstardom.

I first caught them live at the most recent C.H.A.T.’s 8th Annual Hmong Arts and Music Festival held at the Western Sculpture Park on Marion Street in Saint Paul, MN. Simply to paraphrase their performance in one word: FIRE!

A feast for the ears, their music features a marriage of both hard to alternative rock that’s orchestrated in each individual piece of their artwork. Each piece showcases their remarkable skills as musicians in the cadence of the melodious strumming of the bassist and guitarist; to the exquisite keyboardist punching backdrop sound effects with precision; to the drummer who complements with viciously striking the drums; and yet, the vocalist’s voice isn’t wane to all the ruckus backdrop melody produced by the musical instruments, but rather prominent throughout with her smooth lyrical flow, transient to pure soulful music of love. Venus is on fire!

I, especially, love “Metrocity Showdown” and “Thank You.” So, thank you guys! Awesome music, and keep at it!

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