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Its not often you can come across a talent as good as Paris Lo. Just ask the judges on American Idol who gave her a golden ticket. We at Hmoodle are very excited to give you, our loyal readers, an insight on this amazing talent.

Hmoodle: How are you? For our viewers who don’t know who your are, please introduce yourself with a brief bio about yourself?

Paris Lo: Hello my name is Paris Lo, I grew up in Crescent City CA, but moved to Las Vegas about 10 years ago, and have been doing shows ever since.  I have traveled to many places to perform such as London and Canada just to name a few. When it comes to being creative and performing, I love to do it all. When I was younger my first love was drawing and painting and then I got into Acrobatics and dancing, soon I got into Choreography, Acting, Modeling, later I started Singing. Everything you see in my videos up till now was all self taught. My life took a big turn when I was on American Idol Season 11 2012, it was an Amazing experience that I will never forget. Another Event that I will never forget was On May 25th 2013, I got the chance to perform for Hmong Music Festival (HMF) in Fresno CA, I’m proud to make history that day and to see all the support and love from the Hmong community was so magical. I will always perform it’s my life.

Hmoodle: It look likes you started in the entertainment industry at a young age, tell us what that was like?

Paris Lo: When I was younger, I was a very energetic person and that kind of started the whole thing. I started dancing and doing acrobatics because it was just a good way to release some of my energy. I never thought it would ever turn into a career, in which I’m so grateful for. I believe that everything happens for a reason. The first time I ever step foot on stage it changed my life and I knew there was no turning back.

Hmoodle: Can you give us a walk-through of your American idol experience?

Paris Lo: During American Idol I found out certain things about myself that I never knew were there before. It changed me as a person, not only did it allow me to grow as an Artist, but it allowed me to become a stronger individual in general. During the Audition Process I had very little sleep and I was stress about the whole thing, only because i wanted it so bad, but I knew it was worth the wait. This was my dream and here I was standing in a crowed of thousands and thousands of people wanting the same thing I wanted. At one point I just thought to myself, how am I ever going to get through this? But I stayed focused and ended up beating out 200,000 people and received a golden ticket to go to Hollywood, a lot of Amazing moments had happened in my life, but this one takes the cake. My Golden Ticket is hanging on my wall as a reminder of great things to come in the future. The best thing about this is that no one can take it away from me, I have accomplished something BIG, but this is only the beginning, American Idol changed my life.

I was simply chasing my dream and even though I didn’t make it all the way, it didn’t matter to me, what mattered the most was that I pursued it and that I was fearless! Some people wait around for things to happen not realizing that if you want something to happen you have to go after it yourself. It’s all about taking a risk, I know it’s scary but if it was easy musicparislo2everyone would be doing it. I took a risk and went into it knowing that at any given moment they could let me go, but let me tell you, if you set your mind on something hard enough you can make things happen even if it’s something small, you have to start somewhere, believe in yourself and be brave! if you got soul let the world know and together we can make the world move!

Hmoodle: In your gravity video, you did some pretty awesome moves. What kind of training did you go through?

Paris Lo: People always tell me that I make it look so easy, but truth is I practice a lot. I literally had to condition my body in order to perform the stunts that I did, it required stretching, keeping a clear mind, having a good diet, finding a good center with yourself and lots of planning. It’s not easy and if not careful you could really get hurt. Luckily I never got into anything serious as far as accidents, I count my blessings everyday and I’m so thankful that I’m able to share what I do with you guys.

Hmoodle: Growing up, who were some of your favorite inspiration?

Paris Lo: When I was growing up my idol was Christina Aguilera, I’m still a big fan of her today. Her talent is so beyond her years.

Hmoodle: When you are not doing shows or entertaining, what else are you involved with?

Paris Lo: When I’m not performing I love to make videos on Youtube, go out to eat maybe catch a good movie with some friends and spend time at home with my love one’s including all my pets. I’m pretty simple.

Hmoodle: Tell Hmoodle something that might shock the fans???

Paris Lo: The only thing I could think of that can shock the fans is that I have over 60 animals and they all have names and I’m able to tell them apart from each other. 😉

Hmoodle: Are there any upcoming projects or show that you are involved in?

Paris Lo: I am always involved in new projects and different events. But I like to surprise the fans so I keep it on the down low until it’s official. But with that being said sometimes I like to take a break from performing and travel a little bit, because I think it’s important to keep a balance life style. You can’t over work yourself.

Hmoodle: How can our Hmoodle viewers follow with what your involved in?

Paris Lo: I always update my website so that’s a good place to see what’s new with me. I also post a lot of my activities on Facebook so add me as a friend and follow me, if your not already. Visit my website at

Hmoodle: Any last words or shout outs?


Paris is a prime example of if you dream it, don’t be afraid to chase it down. We are very proud of Paris and what she has accomplished already and look forward to continuing to see big things from her in the near future.

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