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biomainpixEditor’s Note: This is a review of Hilltribe’s Mixtape. The actual album will be released later this year.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure to review an album, but I was recently given a copy of the Summer School Mix Tape album by Hilltribe. If you are acquainted with the guys on Myspace, then you know that they worked extremely hard to be able to complete the album prior to the Hmong Fourth of July Festival, here in Saint Paul. Their goal was completed as they’ve successfully released the album on time.

My worry for the guys was that the album would suffer when having to rush to complete it, but it actually turned out well. Some of the songs are pretty short, but the quality is still there.

There are a total of eleven tracks on the album. A few of the songs I had heard previously through their Myspace, but I was curious to see the order in which the songs would be played. I thought the song “Hilltribe 101”, was a perfect way to begin the album as it did a good job of introducing Hilltribe to the listeners. There’s also a great line about it taking seven years to graduate from Century (College). I know a few people taking that same route, so it struck a chord with me.

“Summer Invasion” follows up “Hilltribe 101” and it’s another catchy song, with good beats. It definitely has that summer anthem feel to it. My only complaint again is that it was too short, but a really fun song. I could see them doing a “Summer Invasion 2” on a future album though to continue the saga.

As the album continues, you can hear the songs “Minnesota Corollas”, “We Got Plans”, “Hate My Job”, & “Never Gave Up”. My favorites out of those songs are “Hate My Job” and “Never Gave Up”. I think we can all relate to a job we either hate now or have hated in the past. There are some great lines about the people they work with. Pretty funny stuff. “Never Gave Up” is about not giving up on dreams regardless of the situation or how big the dream is.

I have to say that my favorite song on the album is “Do It Again”. I love the flow of the song as it’s steady and consistent throughout the song. Another favorite of mine is the song “Take All You Need”, which has this very cool instrumental beat in the background. I definitely think they should have ended the album with this song.

This was a pretty good album. I think the reason for some of the songs being short was that the guys wanted to be able to release the album by July 4th. One good thing about the shorter songs is that it leaves you wanting more and you never have to hit the “skip” button. I’d give the album a 7 out 10.

Songs You’ll Have on Repeat: “Hilltribe 101”, “Summer Invasion” “Do It Again” & “Take All You Need”

You can purchase Hilltribe’s Summer School Mix Tape album via their Myspace at: http://www.myspace.com/thehilltribe

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